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Strange Things Are Happening…Are They Trying To Silence Me?

By Last Updated: October 27, 2023
Reading Time: 3 minutes

A Tale of Censorship, Conspiracy, or Colossal Incompetence?

If you’re not paying attention to what’s happening in the digital realm, you’re missing out on the modern-day battlefield for free speech, liberty, and the free market. George Gammon, the finance and Macro-economics YouTuber, has been facing a series of inexplicable setbacks on social media. Coincidence? Mere glitches? Or is something far more sinister at play?

The Curious Case of YouTube Takedowns

George Gammon is no stranger to raising eyebrows. Ever since the inception of his Rebel Capitalist channel, he’s been a thorn in the side of mainstream narratives. He’s been warning us about economic realities, often questioning policies that tread on our freedoms and liberties. But what happens when the man himself is silenced?

In 2021, George found himself ousted from YouTube without warning, no strikes, and absolutely no reason given. One moment he’s enlightening minds; the next, he’s digitally eradicated. Like a thief in the night, YouTube seized his channel.

The Twitter Conundrum: Locked Out or Locked Up?

If you think YouTube was a fluke, consider this: George Gammon has been locked out of his Twitter account since August 25, 2023. Despite following all the bureaucratic red tape, filling out forms, and sending over 22 emails, Twitter’s response remains the same: “You have control of your account.”

How many Kafkaesque hoops does one have to jump through to regain access? Even when legal heavyweight Robert Barnes stepped in, Twitter’s response was unchanged. Ask yourself, is this sheer incompetence or intentional obfuscation? Can the folks at Twitter not see the glaring signs, or do they choose not to?

The Plot Thickens: Is the Federal Reserve Next?

Recently, George aimed his analytical arsenal at the Federal Reserve, questioning its solvency and painting a bleak picture of its financial health. Suddenly, his YouTube livestream freezes and the thumbnail for his video mysteriously disappears. It begs the question: Is the Federal Reserve so fragile that even discussing its health is a threat?

How many coincidences make a conspiracy? When does one start questioning the narrative and consider the glaring possibility of censorship? George Gammon has always been a proponent of free speech, free markets, and personal freedom. Shouldn’t these platforms, built on the idea of democratizing voice, respect that?

Time to Sound the Alarm

George’s experiences are a chilling reminder of the power that Big Tech holds over narratives and ideas. While we may not have concrete evidence pointing directly to censorship, the series of “unfortunate events” raises more than just eyebrows. These actions, whether intentional or not, stifle the conversation around crucial issues like economics, freedom, and liberty. Despite these setbacks, George Gammon is far from throwing in the towel. Alternative platforms like Rumble are on the horizon, and the spirit of critical discourse remains undeterred. It’s not just about one man’s struggle with Big Tech; it’s a clarion call for anyone who values the principles of a free society.

The story of George Gammon should serve as a wakeup call. In an era where information is power, the ability to control that information is the ultimate power. So what can you do? Be vigilant. Be skeptical. And above all, question everything.

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