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Your Real Estate Agent Is Hiding This From You

By Last Updated: October 8, 2023
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Calm Before the Storm

You’re contemplating buying a home, or perhaps selling one. The market seems ripe, but there’s a lurking variable that could turn your investment into a financial sinkhole. This isn’t just another cautionary tale; it’s a siren call to all potential homebuyers and sellers. The Airbnb bubble is about to burst, and the impact on home prices could be catastrophic.

The Data: A Tale of Two Charts

The Broward County Example

Amy Nixon, a frequent guest on Adam Tager’s Wealthy podcast, recently shared some eye-opening data. She compared home sales and Airbnb listings in Broward County, Florida. On one side, you have around 50 homes for sale. On the other, you have what appears to be more than 5,000 Airbnb listings.

The Margin Effect

The value of all homes in an area is set at the margin, meaning the price of the few homes that do sell will dictate the value of all the others. So, what happens when you suddenly add 500 new listings to a market that currently has only 50? In Los Angeles, there are nearly 45,000 Airbnb listings. If just 10% of these go up for sale, that’s an additional 4,000 units flooding the market. The supply-demand equation will be thrown into chaos, leading to a dramatic decrease in home prices.

The Airbnb Owner’s Dilemma: A Side Hustle Gone Wrong

The Bullwhip Effect

Many Airbnb owners, particularly younger ones, have been lured by the promise of easy money. They’ve used stimulus checks for down payments on properties that only make financial sense if they maintain a 95% occupancy rate. This is the real estate version of the bullwhip effect, where a small change in consumer demand can cause increasingly larger fluctuations in demand and supply.

The Cognitive Dissonance

These owners are banking on a perpetually high occupancy rate, ignoring the fact that the current rate is artificially inflated due to a short-term surge in travel. When reality sets in, and the occupancy rate drops, these owners will find themselves underwater, forced to sell properties they can no longer afford to keep.

The Tsunami Analogy: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

The Receding Tide

The current low supply of homes for sale is like the receding tide before a tsunami. It may look like an opportunity to pick up fish from the exposed ocean floor, but it’s actually a warning sign of a massive wave building up in the distance. The thousands of Airbnb listings represent the wave that’s about to crash onto the shore. When these properties flood the market, the impact will be devastating, not just for Airbnb owners but for all homeowners in affected areas.

The Ticking Time Bomb: Google Trends and Economic Indicators

The Surge in “Sell My Airbnb” Searches

Recent data from Google Trends shows a surge in searches for “Sell My Airbnb,” indicating that many owners are already feeling the pinch. This is corroborated by a downturn in consumer spending and a rise in credit card delinquencies. If we hit a recession in 2024, as some predict, the unemployment rate could double. This would further reduce travel demand, making it even harder for Airbnb owners to maintain their properties, leading to more homes flooding the market.

Assess the Airbnb Landscape

Before making any real estate decisions, go to and compare the number of Airbnb listings in your area to the number of homes currently for sale. This will give you a clearer picture of the potential tsunami you’re facing. This is not just about Airbnb or real estate; it’s about understanding the macroeconomic forces that shape our financial lives. We need to be vigilant, informed, and prepared for the financial storms that lie ahead. For more content check out this channel.

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